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What Do You Do When You Get Flowers for the First Time? 5 Easy Steps for Beginners

Oh, the pure bliss of receiving flowers for the first time ever! We’ve been there, we know how exhilarating it can be, and many would give anything to have that experience all over again. So, savor every bit of the moment, smell your flowers and be grateful for such a thoughtful and adorable gift. Whether it’s from a secret admirer, long-time bestie, lover, or anyone at all, it’ll brighten up your day as an early morning sunshine.

Sadly, after the initial excitement comes the anxiety! You’re new to the “receiving flowers game,” and you know nothing about how to keep them fresh for longer. Now you’re panicking. You’d do anything to preserve those beautiful blossoms except that you have no idea what it is.

We aren’t new to this feeling either, and we can tell you that there’s nothing to worry about when you’ve got us. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about keeping your flowers fresh for as long as possible. Let’s dive into it already.

You’ve Got Your Flowers, Now What?

We’ve already mentioned that the first thing to do when you get flowers is to bask in the euphoria of such a beautiful gift, right? Kindly skip the “anxiety step” and jump into these five practical solutions as soon as you’re ready:

1.    Find an Excellent Location

First things first, your adorable flowery blossoms need somewhere to shine through. So, ensuring that it gets a location that lets its beauty illuminate the room is paramount. Where you also place your flowers is also vital because it determines how long they’re going to live.

The golden rule of flower placement is to keep it as far away from bright light and heat as possible. So, you see those sunny windowsills? Don’t even think about it. The heat and sun will make your flowers mature and wither faster. Also, never place your flowers near ripening fruits and vegetables, as they emit chemicals that can kill your blooms.

Keeping these in mind, be sure to keep your flowers at the coffee table or any other place that makes them the focal point of the room.

2.   Get the Vase Ready

Now that you have found an excellent spot for your flowers, it’s time to prepare the vase for them. This just means that you should ensure that the vase you use is sparkling clean. Using a dirty flower vase is a free invitation for bacteria to come in and kill your bouquet in no time. It goes without saying that you’ll also have to clean your vase from time to time after putting your flowers in to avoid bacteria build-up from the stems.

3.   Trim the Stems

Take a sharp pair of scissors and trim about each of your flowers’ stems before placing them in the vase. This ensures that only fresh tissue gets into the water, and dead ones don’t limit their ability to absorb water efficiently. You should also do this whenever you need to change the water.

4.   Water Regularly

Flowers drink and need a lot of water to thrive. So, be sure to give your beloved bouquet all the liquid they desire.

Generally, experts advise that you fill up your vase every now and again. Note that more than just getting regular water supplies, you’ll have to pour out the old water and turn in fresh ones every 2 to 3 days. You can do this by simply tipping the vase to drain the water and re-filling with clean ones. Note that some flowers need less or more water than others, so it is important to do some research when you get your flowers.

5.   Feed Your Flowers

Those flower food packets that accompany most packaged flowers are definitely not for fancy. Just like water, your flowers will love to be fed to their satisfaction to stay healthy. Flower food comes fortified with bactericide to ensure that the water stays fresh for a few more days. So, if you’re a busy or pretty forgetful person, they’re a must-have.

Give Your Flowers the TLC They Deserve

We know, we know! Like babies, caring for your flowers can be a full-time commitment. But it’s worth every effort when you remember how much joy they bring to your life. Flowers deserve all the tender, loving care they can get, and enjoying the warmth they bring means giving them everything they need.

And oh, and a bonus step is never forget to thank the giver for your beautiful flowers and us for helping you keep them for longer.

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