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The Queens of Flowers: Everything you need to know about Peonies

Peonies, with their soft petals and bright colors, have always been considered the queens of flowers. Symbol of prosperity, luck and beauty, they are a perfect gift for any occasion, from a birthday to a wedding.

In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of peonies, from their history and botany, to practical advice for best preserving them and their symbolic meaning.

Notes on botany

Peonies belong to the genus Paeonia, which has around 30 species native to Asia, Europe and North America. They are perennial plants, with fleshy roots and herbaceous stems which in spring are covered with compound leaves and large, showy flowers. Peony flowers can be simple or double, with petals ranging from white to pink, red, yellow and purple.

There are different varieties of peonies, which are classified based on the shape of the flower and the flowering period. Among the most popular we find:

Single-flowered peonies: the petals are arranged in a single plane, creating a delicate and refined look.

Double-flowered peonies: the petals are overlapping and numerous, giving life to voluminous and pompous flowers.

Herbaceous peonies: they flower in spring and lose their aerial part in autumn.

Woody peonies: the woody stems persist even during the winter, while the leaves fall.

The history of peonies

Peonies have a long history dating back thousands of years. In China, they were considered sacred flowers and were used in traditional medicine. In Japan, they were a symbol of beauty and femininity. In Europe, peonies were introduced in the 16th century and quickly became popular among the aristocracy.

Today, peonies are grown all over the world and are one of the most loved and appreciated flowers.


How to take cares of peonies

To fully enjoy the beauty of peonies, it is important to store them correctly. Here are some tips:

1)Cut the stems obliquely with a sharp knife before placing them in a vase.

2)Use fresh, clean water.

3)Add flower preservative to the water.

4)Place the vase in a cool, bright place, away from direct sunlight.

5)Change the water every day.

6)Remove the wilted flowers.

With a little care, your peonies can last for several days.


The meaning of peonies

Peonies, with their sumptuous petals and vibrant colors, are not only fascinating flowers, but also powerful symbols full of meanings that vary depending on culture and color shade.

In this section, we will embark on an exploratory journey to reveal the secret language contained in these queens of flowers.

Universal Symbols

Prosperity and Luck: In several Eastern cultures, peonies are considered an omen of wealth and abundance. Their flowering is associated with the arrival of new opportunities and financial successes.

Beauty and Femininity: Peonies embody feminine beauty in all its fullness. They symbolize grace, refinement and elegance, making them a perfect gift to celebrate women in all their facets.

Love and Happiness: Peonies are universally recognized as symbols of love, passion and romance. Their association with love comes from the pair of phoenixes who, according to Chinese mythology, only mate under these flowers. Giving a bouquet of peonies means expressing deep and passionate love.

Rebirth and Hope: The flowering of peonies in spring, after the long winter, makes them a symbol of rebirth and renewal. They embody the hope that arises from difficulties and the strength to start again.

Symbolism for Color

White Peonies: Purity, Innocence and Spirituality. White peonies are associated with pure and spiritual love, free of carnal passions. They also represent perfection, virginity and devotion.

Pink Peonies: Romantic Love, Delicacy and Affection. The pink shades of peonies symbolize romantic love in all its facets: from tenderness to desire, from passion to complicity. They are perfect for expressing affection and gratitude.

Red Peonies: Passion, Desire and Vitality. Red peonies are the undisputed symbol of passionate and sensual love. They embody ardent desire, vitality and the explosive strength of feelings.

Yellow Peonies: Joy, Friendship and Wealth. Yellow peonies symbolize the joy of life, optimism and friendship. Giving yellow peonies means wishing happiness, success and prosperity.

Purple Peonies: Mystery, Charm and Spirituality. Purple peonies are associated with mystery, introspection and spirituality. They also symbolize royalty, luxury and elegance.

Simbolismo in Altre Culture

Japan: In Japan, peonies are considered sacred flowers and symbolize luck, good fortune and perseverance. They are often used during wedding ceremonies and on special occasions.

Europe: In Europe, peonies have taken on a meaning more linked to love and femininity. They are often associated with romantic stories and legends related to beauty and seduction.

Peonies, with their rich symbolism and timeless beauty, are a perfect gift to express your feelings in a unique and special way. By choosing the right color and knowing its meaning, you can make your gift even more meaningful and appreciated.


Peonies: a perfect gift

Peonies are a perfect gift for any occasion. They are an elegant and refined way to express your feelings to a special person.

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