Virtual Funny Gifts and Fresh Flowers delivered directly by your mobile device!

Available on App Store and Play Store

Amazing Features

Fresh Flowers & Virtual Gifts delivery, directly by your mobile device!


A really simple design to make easy your purchase experience.

Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful bouquet of fresh Flowers, Plants and Gifts to be delivered in over 120 countries.

Virtual Funny Gifts

Beautiful funny gifts created and shared directly by your device


Several products grouped by categories, available directly by your device.

Customers Care

Customers Care available 7 days for week.

More Features

Our App is steadily updated to give a unique user experience.

Make happy someone today, just sending fresh flowers or virtual funny gifts!

The easiest way to make someone happy? Send flowers or share virtual funny pictures! It is now even easier, you can do it right from your Mobile Device! Dozens of floral ideas ready to be delivered in more than 120 countries worldwide and funny pictures created directly by your creativity! The App has been designed to drive the user in a simple and intuitive way, and in only 5 steps!

Thanks to the contextual help and customers care always available, users will never be left alone!


Always busy? you are always on a move? you always forget to wish your loved ones? so what to do? eFloristApp! The easiest way to make someone happy!


Fresh Flowers and Plants delivered in over 120 countries, just in 5 easy steps!

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