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Get Ready for Valentine’s Day: 5 Things To Do To Surprise the Person You Love

Every day is a good day to appreciate that special someone for the butterflies they bring to your stomach and the joy they add to your life. However, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, you have no choice but to be your creative best. Fortunately, we know that this sounds way easier than it is. 

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s normal to feel a little bit panicky about making it the best experience for your lover. You may have many conflicting ideas in your head and no idea how to organize your thoughts. What will your sweetheart truly love? Will they be awestruck by the surprise you’re planning?

Again, we’ve been there and understand this crippling feeling all too well. Fortunately, we are here to save the day with delightful and romantic ideas to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day.

Top 5 Surprise Ideas for Your Loved One This Valentine 

You don’t have to rob the bank to give your partner the Valentine’s day surprise of their dreams. With these affordable yet fascinating romantic ideas for Valentine’s day, your significant other couldn’t have asked for better:

  • Get Creative With Flower Arrangements

Everyone knows that flowers are a Valentine’s Day staple. However, instead of just sending a bouquet of roses to your loved one, you can show them how much they mean to you through unique flower arrangements. Not only does this personalize the gift, but it’s also proof that you’ll go the extra mile to make them feel special. This idea is bound to make your partner mushy instantly.

There are no hard and fast rules to expressing your love and showcasing your creativity with flower arrangements on Valentine’s Day. You’re allowed to follow your instincts till it turns out the way you’ve envisioned. However, you can also decide to go with something simple, like arranging flowers in a heart-shaped gift box or setting up a floral gift set with a wooden crate.

  • Recreate Your First Date

Who doesn’t love to reminisce about the very first romantic meeting they had with their significant other? The memories of a couple’s first kiss, dance, movies together, etc., come with such blissful nostalgia that most people will do anything to experience it again. 

Fortunately, those precious moments don’t have to be locked in the past forever. You can bring them to life and get your partner to fall in love with you all over again by recreating your first date. It doesn’t have to include all the little details, simply bringing back elements from that time is enough. Your partner won’t forget this beautiful gesture in a long time.

  • Create A Memory Jar

If you can’t recreate your first date, you can get your partner to feel similar effects by creating a memory jar instead. Simply decorate a little jar labeled “memory jar” and fill it with anything that reminds you both of the beautiful experiences you’ve had. It could be anything from a plane or movie ticket, a note from a mutual friend, photos, souvenirs from events you both enjoyed, etc. You can also tie their favorite flowers to the jar for special effect.

Besides helping you both keep special memories, memory jars can improve your bond and remind your partner of how adventurous your love journey has been. What else could be a better Valentine’s Day gift?

  • Organize A Weekend Getaway 

While weekend getaways aren’t new, they’re one idea your partner will never say no to. Everyone would jump at the opportunity to take some time away for a really good pampering. So long as you include activities that will help your loved one feel relaxed and excited, feel free to surprise them with a weekend in their favorite location. Then sit back and watch their eyes glow with admiration for you.

  1. Begin A Few Days Earlier 

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to begin and end on February 14th. You can try to build anticipation for the day by showering your significant other with thoughtful gifts and acts of service some days before D-Day. Surprise them with a special floral-themed candlelight dinner, slip a couple of love letters and candy in their work bag, etc. 

 Wrap Up

You don’t have to pass through the stress of planning a Valentine’s special because we’ve already done this on your behalf. What you have to do now is sit back, relax, and run with one of the ideas above as though it were originally yours. We promise we won’t mind or rat you out to your loved one. Our satisfaction comes from knowing that you had a truly fantastic Valentine’s Day celebration with the love of your life.

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