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Flowers for Love: How to Make Your Loved One Smile on Valentine’s Day

Everyone knows that a bouquet of red roses is the most traditional gift for Valentine’s Day. The reason is simple — red roses have been linked to the goddess of love, Venus. According to Roman mythology, Venus’ lover, Adonis, was a hunter and adventurer, and Venus always worried for his safety.

One day, as Adonis went on an adventure to kill a wild boar, she begged him to abandon his pursuit and stay with her instead. Sadly, Adonis was as stubborn as they come and still went on his journey, and true to Venus’ fears, the bear mauled him to death. Red roses were said to have sprung up from Venus’ tears as they mixed with the blood of her lover.

While red roses remain the official symbol of love and passion, other flowers, like carnations, tulips, lilies, orchids, etc., can also do the job. However, Valentine’s Day is more than just gifting and receiving flowers. To make the day even more memorable for your loved one, you must learn how to present them in a way that leaves them beaming with smiles. And lucky you, that’s precisely what we’re here to help you achieve.

Let’s get to work already!

Brighten Your Loved One’s Valentine’s Day with These Creative Floral Ideas 

Here are our top 4 creative ways to express your love and put smiles on your better half’s face on Valentine’s Day:

1.    A Floral Centerpiece

Make your loved one’s favorite flowers the centerpiece of your Valentine’s Day celebration, and watch them beam with smiles. This is a particularly amazing suggestion if you plan to surprise them with a Valentine’s Day dinner.

From lilies to snapdragons, eucalyptus, and roses, there are numerous choices to make. Just ensure that you order high-quality flowers in gorgeous colors and sophisticated arrangements from a reputable service like eFloristApp Services.

2.   A Floral Photo Album

Have you got a good number of pictures of you and your loved one? If yes, then presenting your darling with a floral photo album of your favorite memories together is the way to go.

Start by choosing a photo album that they love and selecting their most cherished blooms. You can decide to combine different flowers to represent the feelings you have for them. Use the flower petals to line the margins of each page, taking the layout and delicacy of each bloom into consideration.

Next, go the extra mile to caption each photo with endearing words. Don’t you just love the thought of that already?

3. Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Wreath

Arranging your Valentine’s Day flowers into a heart-shaped wreath will never go out of style. The good thing about this idea is that it’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is easy. So, if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, this one’s for you.

All you have to do is purchase a frame in a heart shape. Next, attach your preferred flowers and other decorative elements to the wire frame with hot glue. Ensure that there are no gaps, and use a ribbon to create a loop if you want to hang it somewhere. Easy peasy—it only takes you about an hour or less.

4.   A Bouquet of Scented Herbs

Let’s teach you a quick math formula that you’ll never learn at school. Aromatherapy + beautiful blossoms = an enchanting romantic ambiance. If you want your sweetheart to fall in love with you a little bit more, never forget this equation.

To that end, scented lilies, roses, lavender, jasmine, and the like are sure to make their day. You may decide to diffuse floral essential oils nearby to improve the smell of the air around them.

Enjoy a Delightful Valentine’s Day with eFloristApp Services

What’s a Valentine’s Day celebration without flowers? Everything but complete. But more than just a classic gift for your loved ones, Valentine’s Day flowers create the perfect opportunity to express your creativity and thoughtfulness. If you’re in doubt, the ideas in this article are definitely something to work with.

Have you finally settled for something? Regardless of what your dream Valentine’s Day setup is, we’re ready to bring it to life with our vast selection of high-quality and fresh flowery blooms, just the way you like it. Say yes to love and perfection by contacting the team at eFloristApp Services now. You’ll be glad you did.