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Top 5 Enchanting Christmas Floral Gift Ideas for Delivery to Paris

While there’s nothing like the perfect Christmas gift, a well-organized flowery present sure comes close. Think about it — from their symbolism to the aesthetics, flexibility, and many more, flower gifts are sure to tick most (if not all) of your boxes. Plus, regardless of the recipient’s location, there are always amazing fresh flower gift options to choose from.

So, have you been indecisive about the best choice of Christmas gifts for your loved ones this year? Whenever you’re in doubt, send a package full of flowers. Whether you wish to spread your love to your loved ones, get them in the festive mood, or simply give them something that aligns with the season’s theme, a beautifully arranged flower bouquet will blow their minds.

In this article, we’ve curated our top 5 flower gift ideas for your friends and family in Paris this Christmas.

Make Christmas Merry with These 5 Delightful Flower Gift Ideas

Whether you’re sending Christmas flowers to your mum, dad, in-law, sibling, lover, friend, acquittance, etc., you can never go wrong with these fantastic options:

1.    Christmas Bouquet

christmas bouquet

While all flowers are elegant in their own ways, the enchanting mix of red gerberas, red berries, and Christmas decorations will leave anyone in awe. A perfect contrast of greens, reds, and touches of golden and cream hues, this creatively curated Christmas bouquet is captivating at first sight. This is not to mention the charming Christmas decorations that perfectly finish the look.

More than just the aesthetics, this Christmas bouquet also carries deep meanings and is sure to evoke the right emotions in your loved ones. With red signifying love and green associated with happiness, it’s a beautiful way to get them in the festive mood.

2.   Red Poinsettia

red poinsettia plant

Apart from their vibrant red color that aligns with Christmas hues, red poinsettias are nicknamed “Christmas flowers” because they bloom during the festive period. Meanwhile, many people believe that this flower is shaped like the Star of Bethlehem, and its red leaves symbolize the blood of Christ. So, if you want to keep up with tradition or adhere to cultural practices, you’ve got your flower present of choice.

Away from its association with Christmas, red poinsettia also signifies cheer, joy, success, purity, pleasure, and vitality. Your loved one will appreciate its beauty and the deep meanings it carries.

3.   Red Roses and Red Anthurium

red roses and red anthurium

We love the versatility, flexibility, and sophistication of red roses. While this type of flower is predominantly used in romantic settings, it can also be the star of many other occasions, including Christmas. But what’s better than a bouquet of red roses to commemorate Christ’s birth? The perfect and magical blend of red roses and red anthuriums.

Like red roses, red anthuriums represent love, passion, and admiration. Not only do they align with the symbolism of red roses, but they also produce a visually pleasing effect that can’t be ignored. If the recipient of your Christmas gift is your lover, this combination is a no-brainer.

4.   Roses, Gerbera, and Orchids

roses gerberas and orchids

Have you ever imagined matching red blossoms with cream, white, and green? If you haven’t, this bouquet of red gerbera, cream roses, and white orchids will be your inspiration for days!

Gerberas signify happiness, innocence, and beauty, while cream roses represent charm and thoughtfulness. Meanwhile, white orchids tow a similar line with gerberas, symbolizing purity, innocence, hope, and reverence. They’re luxurious and exotic flowers that’ll add a touch of elegance to any bouquet.

The combination of these flowers is proof of the intentionality behind this gift and will show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

5.   Precious Flowers in a Basket

Precious Plants in basket

If you want to make a statement with your Christmas flower gift this year, this mix of red anthurium and other seasonal plants is the perfect choice. The creative arrangement of a variety of flowers in a basket will surely leave the recipient grinning from ear to ear.

Red anthuriums have a prominent appearance, which is further highlighted by the lush greens and festive decor. What better way to say, “Have a blast this Christmas?”

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