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The Rules of Sending Flowers: Bouquet Arrangement, Delivery Concerns, and What to Choose

We won’t ever stop talking about how valuable flowers are in expressing a myriad of emotions that we cannot put into words. Do you want to brighten someone’s day or just offer them comfort in a tough situation? Or maybe you just want to show them how much you love/adore them but don’t know how to say it? Regardless of the occasion and the reason behind it, flowers know how to convey your feelings to your loved ones just right.

While flowers are amazing all by themselves, there are guidelines or flower etiquettes that you must follow to make your flower-gifting experience a more memorable one. Are you ready to learn what they are? We got you!

In this article, you’ll learn the non-negotiables of flower arrangement, delivery, and making the best flower choices. Trust us when we say that following these rules will add more meaning to the flowery gift and make the recipient even more impressed.

Ready? Let’s begin.

Rules Regarding Bouquet Arrangements

The basic rules of flower arrangement revolve around these characteristics:

●     Dominance

When arranging flowers, be sure to have a common theme. Whether it’s color, texture, shape, size, etc., having one dominant element gives a harmonious and captivating look.

●     Scale

Think about your flowers in relation to the available space and environment it will occupy. Scale it properly such that you don’t overshadow small surfaces with huge arrangements.

●     Texture

Ensure that your arrangement includes different textures of flowers and foliage. Besides adding depth to the flower arrangement and making it look more appealing, incorporating different textures makes it look like a professional job.

How to Overcome Delivery Concerns When Sending Flowers to Loved Ones

Here are important flower delivery etiquettes to follow:

1.    Choose Your Vendor Carefully

When it comes to delivery, having the right vendor will solve most of your concerns. So, consider your choices carefully and don’t compromise on the quality of flowers, customer service, affordability, delivery options, etc.

2.   Consider Local Delivery

Choosing a vendor in close proximity to the recipient’s address will help you save costs. It’s also the best option when you want your flowers delivered right on time.

3.   Timing is Everything

Always confirm the recipient’s availability when sending flowers. This ensures that you can plan the delivery time for when they’re free to receive them. If you’re sending sympathy flowers to someone in the hospital, check the hospital’s policy on flower delivery. It’s the same thing for offices.

4.   Don’t Forget to Give Clear Instructions

If you have specific instructions you want the delivery company to follow, be sure to let them know as clearly and early as possible. Don’t assume that they know what’s on your mind.

How to Choose the Right Flowers for Every Occasion

Choosing the wrong flowers for an occasion is like wearing a tuxedo to the beach. To avoid such ridiculousness, be sure to follow these rules:

●     Learn Symbolism and Connotation

Since colors can significantly impact the recipient’s mood, it’s important to choose hues that express the feelings you wish to convey. For example, purple signifies royalty, while red means passion or romantic love.

Besides colors, also learn what the various flower species signify. For instance, while daisies represent innocence, ivies are often associated with friendship.

●     Consider the Recipient

Beyond connotations, it’s important to consider what the recipients like as well as their allergies. For example, it’s a wrong idea to give someone who has rose allergies a red rose on Valentine’s Day. Instead, look for a close alternative that their senses can accommodate.

●     Personalize It

We know that flowers alone can do the talking. But it’s always a nice idea to include someone that personalizes the experience for your loved one. It could be a little note, a small gift, or any extra thing that they love.

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