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Do you have a profile on efloristapp and want to delete it?

If you have created a profile on eFloristApp and want to delete it, please follow the simple 2 ways as indicated below.

Online Profile Deletion

Once you have logged in the app, please just access the menu and follow the below few steps.

1. Access the Profile Setting

Once inside the app, access the menu and select the Profile item, at this point the system displays the user’s profile with all the data.


2. Profile Deleting

Click on the “Delete Profile” button at the bottom of the page, at this point the system will ask you to enter your profile password in order to confirm the deletion of your account as shown in the figures below:



Offline Profile Deletion

You can also opt to delete the profile by writing an email to and requesting deletion of the profile, for this purpose it will be necessary to indicate the username and the relative password, one of our consultants will contact you in order to verify that the request can be executed.