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How to deliver flowers to Florence

Flower delivery is an elegant and chic way to celebrate special occasions, express feelings or simply surprise a loved one with a gesture of affection from ancient traditions but always current. With the service it is possible to send floral gifts and flowers throughout Florence and beyond simply using your mobile phone.

The culture and tradition of flowers in Florence

Florence is a city deeply linked to nature and beauty, and flowers are an integral part of it. Florentine art is known and appreciated throughout the world and flowers have often helped artists to enrich paintings and sculptures and make them even more enchanting. The Florentine floral tradition has its roots in the Renaissance when flowers, in addition to appearing in works of art, were used to decorate palaces, gardens and churches. Each season brings with it an explosion of colors and scents, reflecting the importance that flowers have in the daily lives of Florentines.

One of the traditional festivals of Florence is the Festa del Grillo, celebrated in the Cascine park during the Easter period. On this occasion, Florentines buy flowers and plants to celebrate spring. Weddings and religious ceremonies also see the abundant use of flowers, with decorations that enhance the beauty of the churches and locations.

The florists of Florence are true artists, capable of creating compositions that respect both traditions and modern trends. Many of them pass down the craft from generation to generation, keeping the artisan techniques and attention to detail alive.

Additionally, Florence is home to numerous historic gardens, such as the Boboli Gardens and the Bardini Gardens, where visitors can admire a vast variety of plants and flowers, reflecting the importance of flora in local culture. These spaces not only bear witness to the city’s rich botanical tradition, but also offer ongoing inspiration to local florists.

How to deliver flowers to Florence quickly and without stress

Placing an order on is simple and intuitive. First of all, you need to select the city where you want the flowers delivered. Once the city has been selected, a list of affiliated florists available for rapid delivery will be provided. For each florist it is possible to check the location of the office and the five star score obtained from the reviews of other users. Once you have selected your favorite florist you can read the detailed description of the services offered together with a table with the opening hours. A list of floral compositions is proposed, which may vary according to the time of year in order to always guarantee seasonal plants. Once the floral gift has been chosen, the order is completed by indicating the recipient’s and sender’s details.

For those who wish to further personalize the delivery, it is possible to enter special instructions in the “Notes for the florist” field during the order. This may include requests such as contacting the recipient before delivery or other specifications that the florist should follow.

Once the shopping cart has been selected, we proceed with confirmation and payment: there are different payment methods to meet customer needs. You can pay via PayPal, credit card (including Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, PostePay, American Express, Maestro, Aura and Discover circuits) or bank transfer.

Once the order is completed, it is immediately transmitted to the affiliated florist to ensure fast and punctual delivery.

The eFloristApp service also allows you to make deliveries to places such as hotels, restaurants, campsites, nursing homes, churches and cemeteries. In these cases, the service staff will sign the delivery receipt, confirming the regular delivery of the floral gift. Furthermore, it is possible to request deliveries on public holidays, with the possibility that delivery will be brought forward to the previous day during periods of high demand such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, Valentine’s Day and other holidays.

Quality and accuracy of floral gifts

The product images on the site are indicative and may not exactly represent the gift delivered, as the availability of flowers may vary depending on the location and season. However, affiliated florists in Florence are authorized to replace unavailable flowers with similar ones, always ensuring the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Florence is a city that lives on traditions and the use of flowers is an integral part of its celebrations. From religious ceremonies to weddings, flowers play a central role in bringing beauty and meaning to events. The eFlosistApp service fits perfectly into this context, offering a service that respects and enhances local customs through the involvement of professionals who operate directly in the area. The affiliated local florists know the city’s floral preferences well, using flowers that reflect the taste and expectations of Florentines. The possibility of choosing between traditional and modern compositions allows you to satisfy every need, whether it is a formal event or you want to surprise someone with a touch of elegance.

After placing an order, the customer receives a confirmation email with all the purchase details. Furthermore, the system automatically sends a confirmation email as soon as the florist in charge updates the database with the delivery. If the recipient is not present at the indicated address, the florist leaves a business card and attempts to contact him by telephone. In case of non-delivery, customer service contacts the customer to find an alternative solution.

The customer service is available to customers for any problem or request for information: ensuring that each floral gift is an unforgettable experience for both those who receive it and those who send it.



In summary, the floral tradition in Florence is a key element of its cultural identity, expressing a deep connection with nature and a passion for beauty that continues to flourish over time.

With, delivering flowers to Florence is a simple and safe process, guaranteed by an efficient system and particular attention to customer needs. Whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday or a special occasion, sending flowers through this service means choosing quality, reliability and attention to detail. The affiliated florists are local professionals who know the tastes and traditions of the wonderful city of Florence well.